Sunday, September 23, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Lectures USA

Updates below.
Well, that didn't take long. Now we're getting finger-wagging lectures from Mohamed Morsi, the new President of Egypt and a leading figure in the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. "America must change," lectures Morsi. Who could have seen that coming?

Obama has "offered" to meet with Morsi next week when the U.N. General Assembly convenes in New York. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet with Morsi on Saturday. While he is willing to meet with this Muslim "brother," Obama has given the back of his hand to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama has refused a face-to-face meeting with Netanyahu, either in New York or in Washington.

My question is this: Will Morsi meet with Obama? So far, all we've heard about is Obama's offer. Has Morsi accepted? Leave it to The New York Times to give Morsi a forum to lecture the United States--"Mr Morsi sought in a 90-minute interview with The Times to introduce himself to the American public." According to the article, it is up to Washington to repair relations with the Arab world and to revitalize the alliance with Egypt. Is this why our pantywaist president couldn't bring himself to even mention the storming of the U.S. embassy in Cairo in his remarks in the Rose Garden speech when he spoke about Libya and our murdered ambassador?

By May of 2010, Obama's Middle East policies were already being termed a "disaster" by entities such as the GLORIA Center (Global Research in International Affairs), and in September of 2012, "disaster" continues to be the word of the day in describing Obama and the Middle East. In an editorial written by David Horowitz ("Obama's Foreign Policy Is a National Disaster"): "It wasn't enough that Obama pushed away our allies - he has also emboldened and empowered our enemies."

Dan Senor, called a "foreign policy hawk" by the Left (probably the nicest thing they call him) and also a foreign policy advisor to Mitt Romney, echoed the sentiments of others on the Right viewing Obama's outreach to the Middle East: "Chaos in the Arab Spring. Chaos where allies in Israel feel they can't rely on us. You saw the flare up with Israel and the president. Do you think the president's policy in the Middle East has been a success? It looks like a disaster to most Americans."

Update: Obama has "quietly" cancelled his plans to meet with Egypt's new Islamist president. I still wonder of Morsi accepted or declined O's invitation.

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