Tuesday, November 01, 2011

NRA to Holder: Resign!

The National Rifle Association is calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign over Operation Fast and Furious. His part in the scandal can be summed up this way: either 1) a lethally irresponsible knowledge (and presumed authorization of the program) or 2) a lethally irresponsible ignorance of the program. Either way, Holder needs to go.

No surprise, Obama has come out and said he has complete confidence in his attorney general. Big O might want to rethink that stance. As late as this past October, Obama stated that Holder indicated he was not aware of what was happening in Fast and Furious, and then added, Certainly, I was not. Certainly. Maybe you have spent too many hours on the golf course, Barry, instead of paying attention to what is going on in your own administration.

Roger Aranoff, editor of Accuracy in Media, has written a commentary wondering: Will Fast and Furious Topple Obama and Holder? The October 21 article begins: As much as the media have tried shielding the Obama administration from responsibility for corruption and malfeasance, the combined weight of the fallout from the Solyndra fiasco and the Operation Fast and Furious scandal have begun taking a serious toll on the administration.

Aranoff says that many times when scandal hits, it is the coverup rather than the wrongdoing that eventually takes down a politician: example, Richard Nixon and Watergate, Bill Clinton and Lewinsky, and of course our recent friend, Anthony Weiner and WeinerGate. However, in some cases, the crime or the lapse in judgement is definitely worse than the coverup. That appears to be the case in the simmering scandal, Operation Fast and Furious, engulfing the Obama administration that the mainstream media have tried their best to ignore for many months.

Aranoff goes on in the article to give an excellent synopsis of F&F, tells about the one person in the mainstream media who has been reporting on the program, Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News, and give details of Holders testimony before Congress where he later stated he misunderstood the question. (OK, then, Eric, that is proof enough for me that you are not up to holding the office.) Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, has publicly accused Holder of a lack of trustworthiness.

Holder will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Tuesday, November 8, where it is hoped Holder will be asked to explain the multiple documents and memos addressed to him in 2010 about the program--and how he squares that information with his testimony that he only knew about the program in May of 2011. Holder has explained in a letter to Congress that he did not read those memos. Seriously? You know, Eric, that excuse might work if you are an affirmative action scholar at Columbia, but it doesnt work in the real world. Really.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the ranking member of that committee, has been investigating the program since last January. Previously Sen. Grassley has accused Eric Holders Justice Department of a cover-up by limiting information to Congress. Grassley has been working closely on the matter with Rep. Darrell Issa. Both Grassley and Issa have complained about the slow document production, excessive redaction in the documents that have been given to the committee, as well as alleged misinformation from the Justice Department. Said Issa: There are two kinds of coverups. There is one in which you lie to people in order to mislead them. There is also one in which you delay and deny in an attempt to simply not have the facts come out. Issa has called the redaction excessive. We have the unredacted versions from the whistleblowers. We believe they did excess redacting, which again is denying us that which would be reasonable to deliver to us. We are hoping that has changed. We hope that...there is in fact a change in the administrations view in order not to be embarrassed.

Currently there are 17 congressional representatives calling for Holder to resign. Now we can also add the National Rifle Association, which has launched a national campaign calling for Holders resignation. Call the president and tell him you want Holder to be held accountable.

Update. The Holder resignation drumbeat is getting louder. Eleven more congressmen have called for Holders resignation, bringing the total up to 28 members as of the end of Monday. They want him to resign immediately. So late Monday, the Justice Department responded by dumping more than 650 pages about Operation Fast & Furious on congressional investigators. Read the article at The Daily Caller.

Update #2. For more about the corruption and ineptitude of the ObamaTeam (TM) Justice Department headed by Attorney General Eric Holder, read the new book by whistleblower J. Christian Adams, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department.

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