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Herman Cain

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[I still dont have my laptop apostrophe/double quotes key fixed. Annoying.] I dont care how you feel about this guy. What the media has done to this man over the past week is simply beyond belief, which I guess shows how seriously the Left takes this guy and his campaign. But its not just the Left. If you listen to just about every journalist out there, including conservative journalists, its pretty clear that all of them, for whatever reason, want Cain and his candidacy to disappear. The Washington wonks are wetting their pants over this guys numbers in the polls. Imagine if a guy like him, with lots of life experience and virtually no political experience, was actually elected. Their heads are spinning. So what do they do? What they do is, straight up, a high-tech lynching.

Jonathan Martin of Politico is the one who broke the story of Cain and the sexual harrassment from 15 years ago. That was a week ago, and 94 stories later they still dont have any more details (facts) than they had on day one. No wonder they call these sleezeballs the drive-by media. Heres what they have: Two unnamed female National Restaurant Assn employees lodged sexual harrassment complaints against Cain when he served as head of the trade association from 1996 to 1999. One reportedly received $45,000 while the other received $35,000. They dont have names and they dont have details.

No one knows what Cain was accused of doing. No one knows anything about the credibility of his accusers. One of the women was released from her confidentiality agreement by the NRA, but her lawyer, Joel Bennett, who is speaking for her in the media, has said that the unnamed woman sees no value in revealing additional details. As reported by the New York Post, the Restaurant Assn and the first woman entered into an agreement to resolve the matter without admission of liability. Mr. Cain was not party to that agreement.  The second accuser was a short-term employee, according to the NYTimes, who reportedly (dont you love those weasle words?) received the severance pay because she was uncomfortable working for Cain.

As Lawyer Bennett told reporters, Theres an expression: Where theres smoke, theres fire. Lawyer Bennett was quoted as saying that the fact there is more than one accusation is meaningful. Seriously? How about the fact that there was a second accusation shows that someone decided she could get an easy cash settlement by piling on? Isnt that scenario at least as credible?

What they have is a five-figure settlement involving the CEO of a major corporation. A five-figure settlement, somewhere in the range of $35,000 to $45,000, is what it would take in lawyers fees to go to court and win a baseless harrassment suit. Harrassment suits are often resolved with the input of insurance companies, who have the power to force the insured to agree to settle or face loss of coverage. Its a legalized combination of blackmail and fraud, created by trial lawyers, insurance companies, and the courts.

Now the first woman, through Lawyer Bennett, has decided she wants to shield herself from the media frenzy. Lawyer Bennett: She has a life to live and a career, and she doesnt want to become another Anita Hill.

Jonathan Martin, the Politico hack who broke the story, was interviewed at MSNBC. When asked, What did Cain do? Martin replied: We have to be careful about that, obviously, because we are sensitive to the sourcing involved here. The MSNBC sycophant interviewing him nods his head seriously at that point. And also--what actually happened to these women as well--we want to be sensitive to that too. He says the women felt uncomfortable and unhappy about their treatment. We are just not going to get into the details of what happened with these women besides whats in the story. Breitbarts video of Martin talking on MSNBC is here.

Breaking News: It has been revealed that Jonathan Martin has been accused of untoward activity with a herd of goats in his basement. Details will not be forthcoming, however, as we want to be careful and sensitive to the sourcing involved here (that is, the goats). The lawyer for the goats has come out with a statement, saying that his clients see no value in discussing the incident further; however, said the lawyer, since there have been multiple accusations from the herd, the accusations are, of course, meaningful.

Some people are beginning to say that the media has overplayed its hand on this story about Cain. Do you think?

Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters writes that CNN in the past six days has also done at least 94 reports on the sexual harrassment allegations involving Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, while they did a total of 77 stories on Democratic candidate Barack Obama and his ties to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, convicted real estate developer Tony Rezko, and America-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Sheppard asks, Would Obama be president today if CNN had covered his scandals with the same gusto its now reporting Cains?

John Nolte at Big Journalism asks, How much is too much? And oh by the way, Nolte has looked at Politicos search engine and found that there have been fewer than 40 stories, total, about the Fast and Furious scandal since it broke months ago. Nolte continues, can we all come together and at least agree that the punishment doesnt fit the crime? Unnamed sources hurling unknown allegations from over a decade ago and Politico launches the story as though its *Watergate Two: The Reckoning* and does so quite intentionally on a Sunday night during a week when Cain has a number of high-profile appearances scheduled.

I agree with Nolte, who says I don’t know if Cain is guilty of what he’s accused of. Hell, I don’t even know what he’s been accused of other than making a few women uncomfortable and what Politico themselves described as gestures of “a non-sexual nature.” What I do know are the facts I see above, and they all point to a coordinated attempt to take out another one of our candidates with an unprecedented media assault.

Politico and their MSM counterparts treat us like political enemies. Unless we want four more years of Obama, I suggest we return the favor. Amen to that, brother.

Update. Cain leads the Republican presidential field by 15 percentage points in Iowa, according to a new poll taken four days after news broke of accusations of sexual harrassment. Among Iowa GOP caucus-goers, Cain has 30%, Romney 15%, Newt Gingrich 12%, Ron Paul 9%, Michelle Bachmann 8%, Rick Perry 6% and our hero from the Sunday talk shows, RINO Jon Huntsman bringing up the elephants rear end at 2%.

The poll indicates that Iowans react to the unnamed sources with their unknown allegations with one big yawn. It also says, and Washington Wonks might want to take note of this, that candidates who have spent more time and have better organization in Iowa have fared worse than Herman Cain.

Update #2. Just one example of a Washington wonk dismissing Cain and his supporters. Bill Kristol was on Fox News Sunday yesterday, where he said that regardless of his popularity and whether or not the harrassment scandal will hurt or help him, Herman Cain was never going to be the Republican nominee. He calls the support for Cain a symbol of conservative and Republican distrust of the frontrunners, a willingness to reward someone for being bold, for being an outsider--but the air is going to slowly go out of the Herman Cain bubble.

Update #3. Gloria Alred just came out with her client, a woman who says Cain grabbed for her genitals (what--you mean he missed?), although she never filed a complaint. So is this how its done? Is this how we take down EVERY CANDIDATE not acceptible to the mainstream media? We just find somone to accuse them of sexual harrassment and then say--well, if its not true, then prove that its not true. For the love of God. A country gets the government it deserves. If we let the left do this to us, and then choose our candidate for us, then we DESERVE to have Barack Hussein Obama re-elected to a second term and then watch him take apart this country piece by piece. Maybe when the left is finished destroying this country, then we can stand back and watch while they destroy each other.I have an idea--move to Texas, and then vote for seccession.

Update #4. The accuser from yesterday is named Sharon Bialek, from Chicago. The statement Cain released is here. Unfortunately, I dont see how Cain recovers from this one. Gloria Allred is a piece of work. Shes the same person who brought Meg Whitmans undocumented housekeeper before the cameras; Whitman subsequently lost the gubernatorial election. Allreds quote is priceless: If all of these allegations are true, then I for one am disgusted at Mr. Cains serial sexual harassment of women. So if they are not true. . . how exactly would Cain prove that? Regardless, I think the man is toast.

I dont mean to be catty here, but Allred couldnt have found a better candidate to put a *face* on these accusations if she had chosen this woman from central casting. This is from the website Free Republic: We have been doing internet searches on Sharon Bialek. Her linkedin and all social networking/employer networking sites where her name appears seem to have been scrubbed. When you are telling the truth, why make the attempt to scrub your past? It doesnt prove anything, but its an interesting factoid nonetheless.

Last night someone had the Rachel Maddow show turned on so loudly in another room that I couldnt ignore it. (If you listen to Maddow without watching her, she sounds like a crazy person, by the way. Maybe she sounds like a crazy person even if you do watch her, although I wouldnt know because I dont watch her show.) Anyway, I heard someone on the show say, Weve gotten rid of Donald Trump; weve gotten rid of Michelle Bachmann; weve gotten rid of Rick Perry; now weve gotten rid of Herman Cain (oh, and dont forget, you also got rid of Sarah Palin). Whos next?

Update #5. OK, heres NUMBER FIVE: Fifth woman raises questions about Cains behavior. And so it goes. What she has to say is even less than he-said, she-said. Its less than nothing, except that something about Cain made her uncomfortable--but this is how Republican candidates will be taken down from now on--dont doubt me.

Update #6. OK, Im going to stop with the updates and just continue on. This is Tuesday morning, and Im thinking we are going to hear about this all day long.

This is from the Chicago Sun-Times: Witness: Cain accuser hugged him during Tea Party meeting a month ago. The upshot of the article is that someone witnessed Sharon Bialeks encounter with Cain last month in Chicago. This morning where naturally shes having a high time making the rounds of the morning shows, she says, I shook his hand, and he remembered me. He looked a little uncomfortable. Contrary to Bialeks statement, the witness says they hugged each other backstage in a full embrace like old friends. Then she grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear. The witness is WIND radio co-host Amy Jacobson. She said when she turned on her TV to see who was accusing Cain, I almost fell over. . . . I was surprised to hear she claims she did not know Cain was going to be there, since the witness recalls that Bialek was hell bent on going backstage . . . where she cornered him. The encounter looked sort of flirtatious. . . . I had no idea what they were talking about, but she was inches from his ear. This witness says she had encountered Bialek at the bar earlier in the evening, where she said she was anxious to meet Cain again and had once gone to an afterparty with him and her boyfriend years ago.

The money line from the article: Bialek has since applied for employment in sales at WIND radio and is scheduled for a second interview Thursday.

Evidently there are plenty of people in Chicago who know this Sharon Bialek. As they say, she has a history. Right now shes having a grand old time making the rounds in New York City. I just saw her on the Today show, her tarted up look from yesterday toned down a bit for the morning crowd. This morning she also appeared on CNN, ABCs Good Morning America, and CBSs The Early Show.

She just showed up on Fox News, so obviously shes not done yet.

Also early this morning, the pushback against this woman has begun. Bill Kurtis, a prominent Chicago radio personality, says that given her track record, if you put Sharon and Herman together in the car at the same time, the roles may even have been reversed. She has a history. I can assure you there will be far more to the story. Theres a lot more to the story and its just developing.

You can hear Bill Kurtis at WLS this morning. So he says the woman has a history, if you put Sharon and Herman together in the car, the roles may actually have been reversed as to who was the aggressor, based on her past conduct. Hilarious, since what Kurtis is doing here is pretty much what Politico and others did to Cain for a solid week--a hit job based on speculation and innuendo.

A website called LegalInsurrection is all over this. Heres another website, MacsMind: Sharon Bailek [sic], Remembered by a co-worker as a time-waster and rabble-rouser. If she didnt get her way she cried sexual harassment. Now that comes from an anonymous email source--at least I dont have a name for the person who wrote that email, but as we know from the Left, its the seriousness of the charge that counts, and that seems pretty serious to me. Sharon, can you prove what this person wrote about you isnt true?

I have a question: If Bialek wanted to talk to Herman Cain about a job, why didnt she ask for a meeting in his office?

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