Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Thats what women like this used to be called. Clearly, Sharon Bialek, 50 years old, is looking for a payday of some kind. Shes been called a smooth operator living way above her means. She was out of a job (fired) when she talked to Cain 14 years ago and shes apparently out of a job now. Seriously, she says shes kept this story about Cain to herself for 14 years, telling only two people during all that time about what happened to her. That was 1997. In 2000, Cain ran for president; in 2004, he ran for the U.S. senate. Cain entered the current presidential race in May. Where has this woman been with her story of scary sexual predator Herman Cain?

What has Sharon been doing all that time? Well, for one thing, Sharon is a courthouse frequent-flyer, plus shes been employed by nine different employers in 17 years.

Lets do a little timeline.

1991, her first personal bankruptcy. At that point her assets were $5,700; her liabilities were $36,000. She had four credit card companies after her seeking payment plus a landlord who wanted his back rent. At the same time she accused a former boyfriend of harassing her for repayment of a loan.

1993-1996, she worked for four different companies in promotion and marketing positions.

1996-1997, she worked for the National Restaurant Assn. When she was fired from that job, says she met with Herman Cain for help in getting another job.

1999, her son was born and a paternity lawsuit was filed by the father. Otherwise, I suppose she would be claiming that Herman Cain was her sons father.

2000 she was a defendant against Broadcare Management.

2000 she was a defendant in a lawsuit against Broadcare Management--twice.

2001, her second personal bankruptcy, filed after sizeable legal bills.

2001-2004, worked for WGN radio.

2005 she was a defendant in a lawsuit against Mr. Mark Teatovic.

2007 she was a defendant in a lawsuit against Midland Funding.

2009 she was a defendant in a lawsuit against Illinois Lending.

2009 the IRS filed a tax lein against her for $5,200. The State of Illinois was after her for more than $4,300, including penalties and interest. 

Nine jobs, two bankruptcies, unpaid taxes, and in court just about every other year in the past decade. This is normal behavior in whose world? Andrea Peyser at the New York Post has a hilarious article about Sharon, describing her as prancing into the press conference yesterday with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, all tricked out in patent leather do-me pumps. The Boston Herald calls it a mixed portrait. And I just fell off my chair laughing, somewhat like Sharon did yesterday. Her demeanor when reading the script Gloria Allreds minions wrote for her was bordering on giddy.

Predictably, Mitt Romney came out today and said that the allegations are serious and must be addressed. So just like any good RINO or leftist, its the seriousness of the charge that is the important criterion. Just wait, Romney, your time is coming, but the left will wait to do their hit job on you until you become the Republican candidate.

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