Sunday, September 12, 2010

Obama's Friday Presser Was a Snoozefest

Snore. If you missed it, you missed nothing. Why Zero felt compelled to do this press conference is anybody's guess. Frankly, our Man Barry's affect gets flatter every day. I've never seen a politician who had less apparent enthusiasm for his job. In an hour and seventeen minutes--he had nothing new to say.

Well, except that health care costs aren't going to go down with ObamaCare. He used his favorite logical fallacy several times: the Straw Man. Will someone please tell this guy the meaning of logical fallacy? Extending coverage to 30 million more Americans with health care--"I never said it was going to be free!" Huh. Imagine that. And remember the thousand times or so we heard that ObamaCare would bend down the cost curve? Well, not anymore, as he concedes, "Bending the cost curve on health care is hard to do." Yeah, champ, kinda like closing Gitmo has been a little bit harder to do while sitting behind the Oval Office desk than it was out on the campaign trail. What a maroon.

Mary Katharine Ham at the Weekly Standard has a synopsis of the entire presser.

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