Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tea Partiers in Quincy, IL vs. Cops in Riot Gear

Our pal at Sharp Elbows has the video of this, as always. Jim Hoft from Gateway Pundit has the photos and story at Big Journalism. Barack Hussein Obama was speaking at the Convention Center in Quincy, Illinois. About 200 Tea Party members showed up to give him what-for. The Quincy police came dressed in riot gear. Seriously.

All I can say is this: if our pal Barry-O is so frightened of these Tea Party patriots in Quincy, Illinois that he needs the cops to show up in riot gear, then the guy really, really needs to stay away from places like Arizona where he might run into some angry leftists.

The commenters at HotAir are having some real fun with this.

Update: Someone pointed to me out that it's possible the Secret Service was concerned that anti-Tea Party people would show up and cause trouble. Since the Secret Service isn't prepared to handle "trouble" in the streets themselves, then they would see to it that the locals were ready. May-be.

I know, we're all sick of saying this, but this deserves just one quick chorus: "What if George Bush had done this?"

Update. "Jacked up" is the word that comes to mind viewing these photos from Quincy.

A sample of the comments from Obama supporters. They think this is fine, evidently. Wait until they come for you.

This was a semi historic event and he should have been shown the respect that his position is deserving of. These tea party lunatics live in a country that has free elections and majority rules when it comes to voting. The majority spoke and now they want a do-over or whatever it is they want. protesting and acting like fools is no way to get your point across. grow your little movement quietly and gather all the old ladies and weak minded people you want. Then at election time pick you best dressed and best speaker and then try to take over. I stand a better chance of winning the lottery than you people do ever getting a real party started.

This video is from Gatewat Pundit.

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