Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Just a Regular Guy": Big, big White Sox fan can't name a single player

Obama lived in Chicago for 18 years and today claims to be a big White Sox fan: "I'm a South Side kid," he told the interviewer recently after "throwing" out the first pitch in Washington, D.C. Really? Obama was asked to name ONE of his favorite White Sox players. He couldn't do it, nary a one. Instead he bobbed and weaved and dodged the question while still referring to "Kaminsky Field," wherever that is. His excuse: he grew up in Hawaii where he followed the Oakland A's. Huh? I grew up in Denver, but I've lived in St. Louis about as long as Obama lived in Chicago, and I could manage to come up with at least one favorite St. Louis player off the top of my head. Ozzie Smith. There. Had Obama been asked to name ONE baseball player--go ahead, name one--my guess is he couldn't have done it.

This guy is such a fraud. He's about as big a baseball fan as he is a constitutional scholar. Don't mess with our baseball, Champ. Stay home and eat your expensive wagyu steak; the rest of us are happy to go the park and eat hot dogs. [And how soon will those be banned by Obama's Nanny State?]


nobackindown said...

I've come to the conclusion that he is a ghost. Scary stuff.

nobackindown said...

OMG- I've never seen that video before - that's the most pathetic thing ever.

Labwriter said...

Well, he didn't grow up playing baseball in Indonesia, that's for sure. Heh.