Thursday, April 22, 2010

Netanyahu to Obama: Pound Sand

Thank you, HotAir and Ed Morrissey for posting this. I couldn't improve on your title. Netanyahu has delivered a message to Obama, rejecting Barry's call for Israel to halt construction in East Jerusalem. From Netanyahu: "I am saying one thing. There will be no freeze in Jerusalem. There should be no  preconditions to talks."

From Ed Morrissey: Netanyahu just taught Obama a lesson, which is that a nation that has been surrounded by terrorists and other enemies for decades isn't going to be intimidated by an Ivory Tower academic, even if he sits in the Oval Office.

Commenters at HotAir chime in:

Congrats to our Boy King for losing one of our best allies in the world. Who is next? England? The Aussies?

Smart diplomacy: Appease your enemies, alienate your friends. B+

997 days to go.

Reporting on a related subject, Netanyah urged the White House to stop building in the Phoenix, Arizona area. It appears that the Navaho have a claim to some of the land and Israel fears violence may break out.

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