Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Who Are You With?" --Seriously?

Jason Mattera from Human Events, asking Biden if he regretted the rape language he used when defending O's "jobs" bill. Clearly Biden doesn't like isn't used to being asked the tough questions. Look at the finger-poke to the chest that he gives to Mattera: "Don't screw around with me." But the best line comes at the very end, when the screechy-voiced woman Biden-handler asks Mattera, "Who are you with?"

Hilariously, Biden's "defense" of O's bill is that "murder is up, rape is up, burglarly is up." So crime is "up" in the Obama administration, according to Joe Biden. The O administration is admitting here that their law enforcement efforts are so bad that crime is up on their watch. This stuff just writes itself for the Republicans. Uncle Joe, you're a gaffe a minute!

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