Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Delicious Irony of the Day (maybe the whole year)

I know, I said I couldn't post on these OWS maroons, but seriously, this article from the NYPost is just too good to pass up: "Thieves preying on fellow protesters." And these people who are occupying someone else's property and say they have no intention of leaving are SHOCKED that someone is stealing their stuff.

Oh, boo hoo. Who could have seen this coming? "Packs of brazen crooks" have infiltrated the WTF/OWS, robbing their "fellow demonstrators" of pricey cameras, phones, laptops, donated cash, and food. One of them was whining that she had her $5,500 Mac stolen. Another was robbed of his "special bed" that he'd brought with him because of his bad back. No, you can't make this stuff up.

Security volunteer Harry Wyman, 22, has "vowed to get tough" with the predators. What's he going to do--whine them into submission? Gee, here's an idea: CALL THE COPS. I bet they'll be happy to rush right down and help out. Your best bet might be to ask Obama to send some goons who will beat beat up these thieves so that you don't have to get your precious little hands dirty. RENDITION FOR OWS! Heh.

So here's a question: Why aren't these people thrilled about fellow demonstrators taking what they "need"? You would think that they would be happy to be "giving something back" to people who obviously don't have what they have. From each according to their ability; to each according to their need. Right? Obviously the guy who stole the $5,500 Mac didn't have one and needed the one he found on the ground, so he took it. So what's her complaint, exactly? She wants to take money out of my pocket because she "needs" it to pay for her college loans, so how is people "taking" money, cash, beds, phones, etc. from her any different? Oh, and what's the chance that she actually paid for that Mac out of money from a student loan that she never intends to repay? I'm guessing about 99%.

Update. As long as I'm posting about the P-OWS, I might as well post a link to an article at American Thinker: "OWS links." Thomas Lifson has written this article, saying that the movement is a "serious, orchestrated effort, promoted by media anxious to counter the growth of the tea parties. It bears the closest possible scrutiny."

In the article are links for these categories:

Jew Hatred
Drone Drumming
Misc. Stupidity, Absurdity, Debauchery, Hypocrisy &/Or Irony
MSM Coverage
Financial Cost
Endorsement/Support from Public Officials & Others
Endorsements from Repressive Dictators & Dubious Groups/Individuals
Revolution to Overthrow Our Government
OWS Fundraising & Commercialization
Counter Movement: 53%


Anonymous said...

Just heard that food service at OWS is being limited because homeless people are interloping pand "sharing" in the upgraded dinners. Apparently OWS missed the basic Marxist principle. So lame.......

Labwriter said...

That's hilarious. So the marxist food service people are staging a slowdown because they don't want to serve the homeless interlopers. You can't make this stuff up. Haha.