Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is this August 2 "drop dead date," really?

President Obama and his "team" have told us that if we don't increase the debt ceiling by August 2, all hell will break loose. It will have disastrous consequences, which Obama likens to Armageddon. August 2, huh? Is there anything else going on around that same time? Why yes, coincidentally, there is a big, big event coming in August: for the third year in a row, the Obama family will be spending August in Martha's Vineyard--at the swank Blue Heron Farm, to be exact.

So after panicking the oldsters that he can't guarantee they will get their August Social Security checks, Obama will head off in August for his relaxing, "casual" zillionaire's vaycay. Even some liberal columnists are begging this guy with the titanium ear not to go on yet another lavish vacation: "People are concerned, not about whether they can go to Nantucket but about whether they can put food on the table....The Obama family's third Vinyard excursion comes as 55% of U.S. adults said they won't be taking a summer vacation," according to a Marist poll.

So let's see, while the rest of us act like adults, enduring our staycays and staying within our budgets, which for most of us means SPENDING LESS, something Washington evidently will never understand, the Obama family will be spending their summer "break" and our tax dollars on a $20 million retreat, exclusive playground of the wealthy, where they will look out at 28 acres on the water from a pristine white Victorian farm house, the five bedroom "main house," which also features a guest house, swimming pool, and basketball court, and of course a golfing facility. It's a mere $50,000 a week to rent the house alone--in 2009, before the economy was facing "Armageddon," that sounded like pretty cheap digs to the MSM.

Here's a picture of the little white farm house.


GOP says Obama must work, too. While Obama tells Congress to stay in town and get things done, almost at the same moment he announces his Martha's Vineyard vacation.

Obamas heading to Blue Heron Farm? it might be time to make an exception because Obama’s frequently stated top priority actually involves having him “in the room.” Hilarious, when you think of it: Obama scolding others for "walking out of the room" when there is still work to be done.

So where are you going on vaycay this year? Or, as it will be for some more accurately a "naycay"?

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