Thursday, July 14, 2011


On Wednesday Obama got huffy and flounced out of the debt ceiling negotiations after giving Eric Cantor a "dressing down" when Cantor told the president that "not a single proposal" on the table would be able to pass the House of Representatives. So much for speaking truth to power--haha. Insiders report that Obie also whined, "Ronald Reagan wouldn't sit here like this." Barry, you are correct--and you, sir, are no Ronald Reagan. What a child. If Big Zero can't even handle Eric Cantor, do we really expect him to be able to stare down--oh, Putin, for example...or China?

The Dems offered their own view of the meeting. Granny Pelosi (notice how ragged she's looking these days, now that she's out of the spotlight--that plastic stuff is just hell to keep up) said that she had never seen a president "more gracious" than Obama. They also accused Cantor of "not being productive." ROFLOL.

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Update: From The NYT Blog: "Eric Cantor Is the Democrats' New Boogeyman." "Democrats appear to have settled on one thing: The person to blame is Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia."

Update #2. If someone depends on leftist NPR for their view of the world, then they will get a rather hilariously watered down version of what happened at the end of Wednesday's meeting. According to NPR's "news blog" (scare quotes appropriate), NPR has settled on the AP version, naturally couched in passive voice: "The AP says it's been told...that the climax came when Obama said 'enough is enough...I'll see you all tomorrow,' and departed." I like my word "flounced" better--I think it has a more realistic ring to it--ever noticed how Obama walks? Usually it's a prance, but I'm imagining that when he's in a huff, then it becomes a flounce.

Update #3: From one of the extremely excellent commenters at my favorite blog, Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog:

On Ace a commentor, talking about the "don't call my bluff" comment, called BO "Bluffy, the Empire Slayer." And another said, "What will he do next? Threaten to kidnap himself?"

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