Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Resign? Hell No--Kick the Bum Out

The opportunity for this arrogant POS to "resign" has passed. This worm is a serial, practiced liar, and the less we see of him from here on out, the better. If he stays, then let that fact reflect on the House of Representatives and on his constituents--that they were unwilling to get rid of this perv.

Not that I believe A SINGLE WORD this bag of puke has to say, but his website says he's the son of a public school teacher, raised in Brooklyn, and the product of "our public schools." Well, Anthony, I'm sure over the past 10 days or so you've made your mother proud.

Update. One of my loyal followers said that he was talking to a friend yesterday who said, "No way he cannot resign."

"On the contrary," said my commenter, "I would be very surprised if he did. There isn't even such a thing as disgrace for politicians anymore. E-bezzle millions? Avoid taxes? --minor 'judgment error.' Send naked pictures of yourself out to women for three years? He's only human! After all, can't he make just one mistake?...over and over again, with multiple people over three years, while simultaneously forgetting that the internet is somewhat less private than his office? And then reflexively lie about it. I loved his 'I am accepting full responsibility' speech two days after lying about it, ignoring it, and yelling at the media. The moment I'm caught, I take FULL responsibilty. --Huh? I'm pretty sure that's not what responsibility is about."

Update. Why am I not surprised that somewhere south of 60% of this perv's constituents want him to stay in office?

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