Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Obama Smarter than Smart--No, Not Really

There's a can't miss article today at the American Thinker by Dov Fischer: "Stop It Already--He's Not So Smart." Fischer makes the point that it's been part of the mainstream media's "analysis" for decades to portray liberals as "just plain smarter than mortal humans" and conservatives not all that smart--in fact, just plain stupid.

Fischer's listing of former presidents and presidential candidates and how they've been treated by the media--for example, genius AlGore, moron Ronald "Bedtime for Bonzo" Regan--isn't new, but by putting all the names together from the past 30 or 40 years along with their media treatment, he makes a strong point that even the most "stupid" of us people on the right can't fail to see.

Then he goes on to discuss the current smarter-than-smart liberal in the White House.

Dov Fischer was himself Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, a position comparable to the one Obama held at Harvard Law, president of the Harvard Law Review. Fischer points out, as have others, that to hold such a position one normally publishes something "fabulous, a real scholarly piece of work." And yet, go searching for such a work from Obama, and it doesn't exist in any database. Says Fischer, "I cannot find any scholarship published by him that reveals the exceptional brilliance that paved the way to his achievement." The truth is, Rav Fischer, just like his "qualifications" for being President of the United States, that scholarship doesn't exist. Obama made it where he is by being the right black man in the right place at the right time--that goes for his affirmative action position as the president of the Harvard Law Review just as it does for President of the United States. History is going to judge us harshly for putting this unqualified pos into the world's most powerful office, and well it should. Fortunately we have to go through this "historic first" crap only once. Hopefully from now on, anyone, regardless of the color of their skin, their religious affiliation, or please God, their gender, will be expected to be qualified for the job.

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