Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She has 29 people to help her look (and act) the part of First Lady

Seriously. Is this the best Michelle Obama can do? Any professional, adult woman knows that shiny full mini-skirts are best left for a middle-school end-of-year dance. Will someone please tell this woman that no one--seriously, no one--wants to see her looking this way. It doesn't take some genius advance people to predict that FLOTUS might encounter wind on this trip, so she ought to dress appropriately. Frankly, she ought to dress appropriately, regardless. Does this woman not own ONE soft suit or dress/coat ensemble that she could wear for these daytime events--instead of that shiny bubble gum pink (too tight--her personal sartorial signature) bolero? Pink? A great color for six-year-olds. And those sling-back kitten heel pumps in goose-shit green for midday--don't get me started.

h/t to MOTUS and the wonderful commenters at my favorite blog, Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog. These kinds of shots only happen when the O's are outside of U.S. control and real pictures (rather than the constantly photoshopped beauties) of our MOOCHelle are given to the press. A pic like this would never get past White House censorship control in the U.S. This woman is embarrassing. Note too that she's the only one laughing.

The Telegraph describes the above photo as "US first lady Michelle Obama...desperately protecting her modesty" during a windy ceremony. "The blast also caused havoc with the first lady's hair [um, we call that her 'wig hat'], which was left standing on end at one point." Snort.

MailOnline said Mrs. Obama's said her pale blue floral Fifties gown "is just too prom and girly for the wife of the President." I'll translate that for you, Michelle. You're not being taken seriously on the world stage.

Oh, and P.S. Is it not a fact that Mitchell is from "the Windy City"? Just askin'. So it's sort of like she's not ever not encountered wind before, right? These people are such an embarrassment. Don't get me started on Barry's toast (read from NOTE CARDS, no less) to the Queen. Meh.

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