Monday, January 31, 2011

Katie Couric can see that "Internet thingy"
from her house

Oh this is hilarious. 'Way back in 1994, here is Katie and Bryant Gumble discussing just how do you "translate that little mark--that little 'a,' with the ring around it?" asked Gumble. Couric thought it was "about." Gumble said he'd never heard it "said, and then it sounded stupid when I said it." Well, Gumble, lots of things sounded stupid when you said them, so probably no one noticed. And Katie, what magazines to you read, anyway? Oh, and doll, love the hair--that "Roman helmet with the push broom on top," as one of the HotAir commenters wrote.

h/t HotAir

Well, too bad, "someone" removed the video. But it was hilarious while it lasted.

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