Saturday, January 29, 2011


From the WSJ: "Rebellion in the Land of the Pharaohs," by Fouad Ajami. A deceased friend of mine, an army general of Mr. Mubarak's class and generation, spoke of the man with familiarity: He was a civil servant with the rank of president, he said of his fellow officer. Mr. Mubarak put the word out that he would serve two six-year terms and be gone. But the appetite grew with the eating. The humble officer would undergo a transformation. A presidency-for-life announced itself. And in an astounding change, where Nasser and Sadat feared the will and the changing moods of their countrymen, Mr. Mubarak grew imperious and dismissive. An excellent read.

Condoleezza Rice (oh, what a class act she was): In a 2005 flashback, calls for freedom and democracy in Egypt.

This is what moral clarity looks like. h/t to Verum Serum. Transcript is here.

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