Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update on SEIU Mob Targeting Private Citizen

From Mike Flynn at Big Government: last week SEIU staged a protest at the home of an attorney for Bank of America. On a quiet Sunday in the Maryland suburbs of DC, SEIU sent 500 protesters onto the front lawn of the home of Greg Baer, a former Treasury official in the Clinton Administration. Mr. Baer wasn’t at home but, unfortunately, his 14 year old son was. The protesters succeeded in terrorizing the boy.

This Capt. Paul Stark from the Montgomery City Police Dept., being interviewed by Megyn Kelly, is one unbelievable mess. There's a whole lot of CYA going on here, plus it sounds like, the way this guy is talking, that the cops are in SEIU's back pocket--apparently the union owns this guy.

Capt. Stark says that nothing was done about this mob because they were "peacefully dispersing" by the time the police got there. Seriously?

Mike Flynn continues: the Maryland police official says, contrary to other statements made by his department, that they were immediately notified by DC police that the protesters were entering their jurisdiction. According to the official, Maryland police met with DC police at the border to get a situation report and then proceeded to the protest. When they arrived, the official claims, the protesters were already dispersing.

Remember that the official says that the site of the protest is “one or two blocks from the DC border.” Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot…

Fourteen buses start crossing the Maryland border (at which point we’re supposed to believe the Maryland police were immediately notified), they find parking on residential streets, unload their protesters, assemble 500 people on a private lawn, engage in threatening verbal abuse long enough to force a 14 year old boy to lock himself into a bathroom…and the Maryland police get there as they are dispersing? Is their police headquarters in Delaware? . . . They get a ’situation report’ that 500 protesters are targeting a private citizen’s home and they send 3 police officers? Really? They could only spare 3 officers on a Sunday in Montgomery County?

This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Update on the update. Nina Easton, who lives across the street from the bank executive and who reported on this mob, is now being targeted by SEIU. The union is accusing Easton of being guilty of lies and distortion in reporting on the mob and also saying that her husband has ties to Bank of America--thus the "hit piece" by Easton. She says no such ties exist. Megyn Kelly's interview with her is here at HotAir. Links to Easton's Fortune article and the vitriol about her from the hacks at the Huffington Post and Media Matters are in this article at Big Journalism: "Behold the World the Left Has Made--Nina Easton On Fox."

I'd say that instead of paying their property taxes for "police protection," people in that Maryland neighborhood should pool their resources and pay for their own private protection.

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