Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Divided States of America

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Here are some comments at HotAir:

Mitt should go drag Christie’s fat ass out of bed in the middle of the night tonight and strap him to the roof of his car for a cross-country drive.

Dammit, I really did NOT want to execute Plan B. Dammit. But I have a plan B, how are you Staten Islanders doing?

Our debt is not sustainable once interest rates inevitably rise. The bond market is not going to like what Obama is selling in his second term. It would have been a messy cleanup for Romney, and conservatives would get the blame. Now the collapse can happen, probably sooner than it otherwise would have, and Obama and the progressives will have to own it.

 42% of those asked said Obama’s hurricane response was “The most important factor” or “An important factor” in their choice of candidate. Un-freaking-believable!

Something seriously stinks somewhere.
Obama – 69,456,897
McCain – 59,934,814
Obama – 58,702,702 (-10,754,195)
Romney – 56,455,982 (-3,478,832)
Total Vote Loss – 14,233,027! (9% fewer voters)
I am sorry, I simply do not believe this.

6 million fewer people voted in 2012 than in 2004!
2004 population – 292,287,454
2012 poulation – 313,000,000
Population Growth = 21,000,000
… and yet 6 million fewer voted?
Does anyone else find this extremely odd?

George Bush 2004 – 62,040,610
Mitt Romney 2012 – 56,584,192
5.5 million less votes for Romney than Bush in 2004!
No, just no. Something STINKS here.

1996 – 94,683,948
2000 – 101,455,899 (+7%)
2004 – 121,069,054 (+19%)
2008 – 129,389,711 (+7%)
2012 – 115,562,372 (-11%) <<< WTF?
So after at least 7% voter growth every election since 1996, in 2012 we drop 11%!!!! Has anything like this ever happened before? If you look at voters as a % of population the drop is even more staggering.
And yet, polling stations had to remain open extra hours because of their sheer volume of voters?

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