Saturday, October 06, 2012

New and Improved O-Team Strategy: Romney Is a Liar

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First came the pre-debate strategy of lowered expectations--Obama was "rusty" and "out of practice" because he's been working so hard at his day job. Yeah, like sitting around on the couch with the women of The View. Or playing his--100th?--round of golf. Or not showing up for his security briefings. Or meeting with his Cabinet twice. Yeah, he sure has been busy.

Now comes O-Team's new and improved post-debate-flop strategy, proving that Obama is not only a loser, he's a pathetic, sore loser: Obama's "Truth Team" has decided to push the narrative that Romney is a liar. "I've never heard so much whining or seen such unprofessional bad form from a top presidential campaign official," writes Keith Koffler at the White House Dossier, responding to senior White House political advisor David Plouffe repeatedly calling Gov. Mitt Romney a liar. Said Plouffe when asked what adjustments the O campaign will have to make for the next debate, "One of the things we're going to have to adjust to is that dishonesty." Plouffe also called Romney's debate performance "theatrically aggressive." That's right, Mr. Plouffe, we sure don't want an aggressive-type personality in the White House, that's for sure. We want Mr. Cool from the choom gang.

Hilariously, O was out on the stump on Thursday, doing his best version of the Comeback Kid. As the head of an administration that has had, shall we say, more trouble than most telling the American people the truth (such as the recent disaster in Benghazi, just to name one event--or how about, "You have to pass it to find out what's in it"--hahahahaha), it seems highly ironic to hear this coming from Mr. Truth: "You see, the man on stage last night, he does not want to be held accountable for the real Mitt Romney's decisions ... If you want to be president, you owe the American people the truth," Obama said. Naturally he didn't have the guts to say that to Romney's face on Wednesday night, instead making the statement while reading off of his teleprompter and standing in front of a hand-picked group of screaming, fainting, swooning Obamabots.


Obama's debate performance was an even bigger disaster than the media initially reported. This morning Gallup has Romney tied with O--a 5-point boost in Romney's poll rating since the last Gallup poll taken before the debate. Rasmussen has Romney down 1 point in Ohio and up 1 in Virginia. Ohio, Virginia, Florida--O Team has spent millions on anti-Romney ads in those states, "to build a fire wall," Michael Barone writes, in order to block Romney from getting a 270-vote majority in the Electoral College. "[T]he first numbers suggest the fire wall may be crumbling. We'll see if it holds."

There's a good article at PJ Media by Victor Davis Hanson: "Anatomy of a Disastrous Debate Performance." Hanson makes the point that almost no one argued after the debate that Obama came even close to winning--"so great was the risk for even a toadying media to look ridiculous and so clear-cut the ineptness of the president." The article points out the in what "weird fashion" Obama has been offering teleprompted counter-arguments on the campaign trail--arguments he didn't have the skill or brains to offer on his own during the debate. O has become "enfeebled" by his preference for brief appearances on favorable, celebrity TV and radio shows. His prior debate experience is thin and against undistinguished debaters: "His real and only political interests (and skills) are in caricaturing opponents, in a sort of trash-talking sports fashion . . . or in whipping up a crowd."

But watch out, Hanson warns. Obama will benefit in the next debate from dismal expectations, and the media will be prepared this time: "The realization that another rant by a liberal commentator could cement the reputation of Obama as an incompetent and add to the image of a hopelessly inept president will temper post-debate anger."

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