Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Who leaked the information that "Seal Team 6" was aboard that helicopter?

Updates below.

Frankly, this whole "Seal Team 6" thing--both with the Bin Laden raid and now with the Chinook helicopter going down--is starting to stink on ice.

First question: What happened? Second question: Why was the information leaked about special operators being aboard that helicopter? "We demand, Mr. President, a special Congressional investigation"--who in your White House leaked this information, and why wasn't it suppressed?

linked from Ann Barnhardt Scroll down her website and read related posts, one of them about the debunking of the New Yorker article about the Bin Laden raid.

Asks Barnhardt: "Why would you hand your enemy, Al Qaeda and the Taliban, a massive propaganda coup? WHY?" Good question, Ann.

Updates. I've been reading more of the posts and links at Ann Barnhardt's website. This whole deal is very wrong.

Point: Lt. General Jerry Boykin confirms that the National Guard Chinook was "inadequate" and "not designed for Special Operations missions." You can find the link to that at BigPeace.com.

Point: There also seems to be some serious confusion over whether the helicopter was shot down or it crashed; whether they were inbound or departing. Like Barnhardt says, it can't be both. Barnhardt posts a piece from Reuters: "What happened on night of deadly Afghanistan helicopter crash?

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