Thursday, February 10, 2011

What has Andrew Breitbart been up to lately?

Updates below: (This statement is from Andrew Breitbard) On Thursday, February 10th, at CPAC, I will release to the press, bloggers and citizen journalists two hours of complete, unedited audio of a behind-closed-doors meeting directly related to the Pigford case that show direct evidence of fraud and abuse in the settlement. This audio will be released with a set of notes making it easier to navigate and find specific sections and statements.

He's been investigating the Pigford fraud controversy. This is huge. Breitbart's presser today began with Michelle Bachmann asking why Eric Holder has yet to investigate the allegations of widespread fraud.  Bachmann said that “people are milking the system for all it’s worth,” and that the money belongs to black farmers who actually suffered discrimination.  “We have a tremendous story to tell today,” Bachmann said, calling it “a stunning story.”

Breitbart: "The Republican Party is too stupid or cowardly to take on this absolute injustice, not just against the American taxpayer, but against the original Black farmers who now, they claim to have gotten justice."

h/t to HotAir, "Live Blog, Breitbart presser on Pigford." Click on the link for more.

Breitbart has released a two-hour video today recapping his seven-month involvement in the case. Quoting from HotAir: Breitbart then described how he reached out to Lee Stranahan from the Huffington Post to check the story out for himself.  Breitbart says that he was aware that his conservative background would tend to discredit his investigation of Pigford, and wanted Stranahan to pursue it independently.

Here's Breitbart talking about the Pigford fraud scheme. Again, h/t to HotAir.

Update. Here's a link to an article at Pajamas Media: CPAC Presser--The great Pigford fraud

Update #2. Here's the link to the issue at Breitbart's Big Government: CPAC Release of Explosive Pigford Undercover Audio Evidence, by Andrew Breitbart.

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