Thursday, July 29, 2010


Glory Hallelujah, my blog is fixed. I don't hardly know how to act. The fool in the White House has been doing so many foolish things lately, where do I begin? I'll have to think about it awhile and come back later.

For anyone who might have been having similar problems with their Google Blogger blogs, my problem was a simple one: I was using IE8, and something about it was blocking me from creating a new blog post. When DH finally got around to looking at it (ahem), it took him about 30 seconds to fix it; the fix was a simple download of Foxfire* which I am now using instead of IE8. Thanks, dear.

*Oh, I guess that's Firefox. Whatever.

k.d. lang can sure sing, but she really has that Gertrude Stein thing going for herself.  I guess that's a good thing? Just sayin'.

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